Informationen für Autoren

Information for Authors

Please send your article manuscripts to:

Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Haferkamp
Institut für neuere Privatrechtsgeschichte Universität zu Köln
D-50923 Köln


Please send your reviews to:

Prof. Dr. Andreas Thier
Universität Zürich
Rämistrasse 74
CH-8001 Zürich


The FHI ensures ist quality via peer review. Each text submitted is evaluated by two experts with respect to ist academic quality. The experts are determined, respectively, based on the appropriate academic specialties and are drawn from the circle of (co-)editors. If necessary, external experts are drawn upon. Publication only occurs when two experts approve.

Please send us your articles as .docx files via e-mail. Due to the international orientation, all languages are welcome: German, English, French and Spansih. Since we do not have a service staff, we cannot offer you editing services for your manuscripts. After we have prepared the manuscripts for publication, you will therefore receive a “draft” of your text in .pdf format for the purpose of an additional edit.

We will subsequently inform you regarding the publication of your contribution via e-mail.

Guidelines for the Manuscripts

When preparing your manuscript, please observe the rules of the fhi stylesheet (download), which you can download here as docx file and use as template.

Furthermore, please attach the following information to your manuscript:

• contact information (if possible, also the location and the institution at which you are active) so that we and future readers may later contact you;

• for article manuscripts, an abstract in the native language and in the English language;

• a table of contents so that a quick overview is possible.

· for reviews, please insert bibliographic information regarding the publication in the header of your review and take the following requirements into account:

The author of the editor of the volume discussed / title / as necessary, translator and statement of the source language / series / location of publication: / publisher / year of publication / number of pages / ISBN / price (if possible in €)

Please indicate paragraphs within the text via a space and use footnotes, not endnotes. Please use CAPITALS only for authors’ names in commentary, cursive sparingly, in particular for short foreign-language terms, and petite only for the reproduction of lengthy quotes.

Guidelines on Citation Style

In order to ensure a uniform style of citation, please cite as noted in the following:

• Monograph

1. Name

D. KLIPPEL, Politische Freiheit und Freiheitsrechte im deutschen Naturrecht des 18. Jahrhunderts (Rechts- und Staatswissenschaftliche Veröffentlichungen der Görres-Gesellschaft NF 23), Paderborn 1976, S. 31.

following the 2nd naming and reference to the first use:

KLIPPEL, Politische Freiheit (Anm. 8), S. 44 ff.

• Omnibus

1. Naming

K.-H. ZIEGLER , Der Westfälische Frieden von 1648 in der Geschichte des Völkerrechts, in: M. SCHRÖDER (Hg.), 350 Jahre Westfälischer Friede. Verfassungsgeschichte, Staatskirchenrecht, Völkerrechtsgeschichte (Schriften zur Europäischen Rechts- und Verfassungsgeschichte 30), Berlin 1999, S.99-117.

following the 2nd naming, short title and reference to the first use:

ZIEGLER, Der Westfälische Frieden (Anm. 15), S. 103 f.

• Journal:

1. Naming

P. CARONI, Die Einsamkeit des Rechtshistorikers, in: ZNR 26 (2004),S. 1-8, hier S. 6.

following the 2nd naming, short title and reference to the first use:

CARONI, Einsamkeit (Anm. 23), S. 4 f.